Clean, Comfortable, and Safe, Professional Dog Boarding in Wilton, CT

A Home-Like Environment For Your Pets
Bone and Bark Inn is a state-licensed doggie retreat hidden on a beautiful historic property in Wilton, CT. We offer safe and reliable pet sitting, dog walking, and boarding services for your furry (or not-so-furry) family members! Our facility is clean and home-like, ensuring your pets will be comfortable, have fun, and be provided with supervision at all times. Our “free-range” environment allows your dog to run around both indoors and outdoors in a fenced-in area.
Professional & Experienced Doggie Care and Dog Boarding in Wilton, Connecticut
With extra playtime both inside and out, multiple daily walks, precise feeding, sitter updates and texts, and plenty of photos to show just how much fun your pet is having, you can trust that Bone and Bark Inn is the best option in Connecticut to leave your dog for the day, the week, or however long you need when you are away or busy. Our dog-savvy and loving sitters allow owners to rest assured knowing their pets are in the best possible hands.

Raising The "Woof" For Your Pup

A Slobbering Amount of Fun

Dog Fostering in Wilton, CT
Locally-owned and family-owned and operated, Bone and Bark Inn has been run by Raz and Maria Farinas for over 5 years. Together, they have shared their love of taking care of and fostering dogs while providing undivided attention, love, and care to dogs of all breeds and sizes. Bone and Bark Inn began just as a dog fostering home, where many of the pets they once fostered are in safe and happy homes in the Wilton area. After adopting their furry loved ones from Bone and Bark, dog owners in the area looked to Raz and Maria for dog boarding services. This is when they decided it was time to launch their lifelong dream of integrating a rescue/foster location with a daycare and boarding facility.
A Unique Dog Boarding Experience
After taking on doggie daycare and boarding services, the owners at Bone and Bark Inn decided they did not want to provide a traditional type of dog boarding experience with small, closed-in kennels and concrete floors, limited exercise and time outside, and all of the stress and health issues that kennels can sometimes cause your pets. What clients like most about Bone and Bark Inn is that their dogs are in a home-like environment, reducing stress for their furry friends, and providing clients with a stress-free experience while knowing they can leave their pets for however long they need to and they will still be safe, happy, and healthy.

The Best Doggie Daycare and Boarding in Connecticut

Bone and Bark Inn prides itself on providing individualized loving care, service, and attention to dogs of all breeds and backgrounds, including those in need. We have an experienced team of caregivers and a unique and cozy dog cottage with lots of couches and dog beds to lay on. Even a TV for watching Animal Planet! Bone and Bark Inn was created with the Farinas Family’s own 9 rescues in mind. A place where you can feel good about leaving your pet while you are away for a day, week, or month.

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  • Dog Boarding
  • In-Home Care
  • Dog Walking
  • Puppy Play Dates
  • Puppy Training Classes
  • Puppy Socialization
  • Pet Taxi Service
  • Puppy Medicine Services
  • Age-Grouped Play Time
  • And a Slobbering Amount of Fun!

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